Comments from people whom Kathleen has helped tell this story best.

“We appreciate so very much your assistance and advocacy in Madison for those we serve. Your assistance enables us to do our job of providing services to the seriously mentally ill, developmentally disabled and aged, without adding additional tax burden to our property tax payers. … We feel truly represented in Madison.”
– Officers and directors of a County Health Care Center in response to Kathleen’s successful efforts to restore funding to County Health Care Centers.

“I would like to thank you for doing your best for the people who have elected you. Your availability and willingness to listen is to be commended.”
– CEO of local hospital

“Farm Bureau wishes to thank a group of key lawmakers who worked hard to see that farm families were not punished by this provision (changing the use value assessment of farm land). State Senator Kathleen Vinehout proved to be an invaluable friend to agriculture throughout this process in the State Senate.”
– President, Wisconsin Farm Bureau

“These  proposed reforms answer problems posed by many individual business and farm owners. Wisconsin Independent Business strongly supports this effort and we are grateful to Senator Vinehout for her leadership.”
– Executive Director, Wisconsin Independent Businesses

“Yesterday a MAJOR piece – let me rephrase that – THE major piece of the waiver we need to bring Nahom into the country fell into place. We constantly are amazed by God’s goodness and are so overwhelmed with thankfulness for the people he puts into our lives. Without the work of our state senator Kathleen Vinehout and here AMAZING staff member Ben Larson this would not have been possible.”
– Eau Claire mother

“I appreciate your listening ear as well as your assistance with challenges for the special needs clients … You and your staff have been very helpful.”
– Administrator, Health Care Center

“I wanted to thank you … for taking the time to drill down on the bigger picture of the honey industry’s problems. Your understanding of the issues was impressive for someone outside of the industry.”
– Honey Producer

“Thank you for your work in attempting to raise the class size limit from 15 to 18 for the SAGE program. This change will have a huge impact on staffing and budget … Thank you again for taking the lead on this issue.”
– School District Administrator

“I would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you do for the people in your district, including me. I think you are a great asset to our area and a great voice of reason in a seemingly reasonless realm of politics.”
– Resident, Eau Claire

“I want to thank you personally for your leadership on this legislation. I am proud of how you have supported our rural communities throughout this past session. The Wisconsin Towns Association membership is well aware of your strong support … and we appreciate all that you have done in behalf of your rural constituents … What a great success story for all!”
– Resident, Rural Jackson County

“I would like to thank you for all your support you have given … in this tough budgeting time.”
– County Highway Commissioner

“Thanks so much for your continued work on behalf of our children, indeed on behalf of all of us in Wisconsin. I am personally grateful for the tremendous energy and keen insight you bring to ‘work’ each day. We are all better off for your efforts.”
– Retired School Superintendent