“We can do better in making sure all women and babies are safe and healthy. We know that more than half of the unplanned pregnancies result from the few women who can't easily access women’s health services. As Governor, I will expand pre-natal care, child care, and support services for mothers with young children.

I have a son, Nathan, who is the greatest joy in my life. Having a baby or an abortion is an intensely personal decision. Such a decision is private and emotional: one that a woman makes with her doctor, her family and her faith. We must respect her choice.” –Kathleen Vinehout 


One of my sisters almost died of a self-induced abortion. I have seen firsthand the horror of what happens when access is limited and needed medicine, medical procedures, or care is not available. That is why I have voted throughout my career to make abortion legal, safe, and accessible. I have voted to support women’s health and voted against bills that would hurt a woman’s right to make her own health decisions.

President Trump’s recent roll back of the federal requirement that employers must include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans is an enormous step backwards for women’s health. Reducing access to contraceptives is wrong as well as misguided.

The contraceptive coverage mandate gave 55 million women access to birth control without co-payments. The roll back will hurt the health of thousands of women without resources to purchase contraceptives.  Sadly, it will also result in an increased number of abortions, which should be safe, legal, and available but also rare.


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