Senator Vinehout: Sen.Wanggaard respect the will of 21st Senate District Voters

“The people of the 21st Senate District have spoken and we all must respect their decision," State Senator Kathleen Vinehout said. “With the recount finished, I call on Senator Wanggaard to concede the election and not pursue a lawsuit.”

A recount of the June 5, 2012 recall election concluded last Monday with former State Senator John Lehman up by 819 votes. In a press statement Sen. Wanggaard said he may file a lawsuit challenging the results because of election irregularities.

The Government Accountability Board reviewed complaints made by Sen. Wanggaard and determined that clerical errors cannot disenfranchise voters. More serious claims are yet unsubstantiated.

“It is interesting to note during the recount of the Supreme Court race last year similar questions were raised about poorly sealed bags containing ballots,” Vinehout said. “Republicans accused the Democratic candidate of playing politics and disenfranchising Wisconsin citizens who excised their right to vote and believed the election was over.”

“Elections are governed by laws and the appropriate channel for violation of laws is prosecution by the District Attorney,” said Vinehout. “If Sen. Wanggaard knows about illegal election activity he should provide evidence to law enforcement officials and work with them.”

“Sen. Wanggaard's party prides itself in being opposed to frivolous lawsuits, I hope he would uphold this principle and not use the Court system for politically motivated delaying tactics,” Vinehout concluded.