Security Problems with State Tech Systems


April 11, 2018

Security Problems with State Tech Systems

Vinehout Calls for Immediate Action to Protect Data

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, calls for prompt action to fix the security problems with the state’s computer systems reported in a newly released audit from the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB).

The vulnerabilities uncovered in the audit could affect every business, taxpayer, student and recipient of state services.

“It’s disturbing that these security issues exist at all, but the fact that they appear to be systemic and recurring is even more troublesome and represents failed leadership and lack of attention by the Walker Administration,” said Sen. Vinehout, who is also a Democratic candidate for governor.

“The Department of Administration has not done a comprehensive risk assessment to identify security concerns and vulnerabilities since 2012. Because regular ‘penetration tests’ were not completed, the state does not know how safe or unsafe all servers and systems are in the state’s network,” Vinehout said.

“The DOA did not take any of the additional steps outlined in its own corrective action plan, the auditors wrote in one of their findings.”

“The audit cited problems related to protection of computer security and inadequate security policies, procedures and standards. Many of these weaknesses are recurring and found in previous audits,” Vinehout said.

“The auditors also found that the University of Wisconsin System has not taken sufficient steps to protect student data and keep accurate financial records.”

“The first job of the Governor is to pay attention and to run state government efficiently and effectively,” Vinehout said. “If the Governor doesn’t have the time nor inclination he should step aside and let someone else do the job.”

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