Opportunities and Supports

“All of us at some time need support from our community. We put people first when, as a community, we provide those supports that give individuals the opportunity to live their lives more fully.”
                   –Kathleen Vinehout 


We put people first when those who work don’t have to worry about child care. Recently, a mom told me she spends half her salary on child care. Wisconsin is ranked third worst in 50 states for affordable family-based infant child care.

We put people first when we fund alternatives to incarceration.  When we provide treatment instead of punishment for addiction and mental health illness.

We put people first when we provide support for those with disabilities. Every one of us is one bad day away from being disabled. Let’s make sure getting out of bed and getting dressed doesn’t become a barrier to leading a full life.

Many of these and other services are delivered by our local governments. They need to be adequately funded. The revenues the state shares with local governments have not kept up with either inflation or increasing need. Especially serious is the need for community-based mental health and drug addiction treatment.  In addition to providing adequate funding, I will make sure Wisconsin recognizes counties, tribes and municipalities as full partners in delivering services. Our local governments and tribes know the need. They are on the ground doing the delivery. They should be partners in making decisions.


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