Democratic Sen. Kathleen Vinehout Hopes To Take Policy Chops To Governor's Office

When Kathleen Vinehout walked on stage to give her speech at the state Democratic Convention this year, she was pumping her right fist in the air.

The state senator, who represents a portion of western Wisconsin in the Legislature, had a huge grin on her face and was singing along to her walk-on song, "All Fired Up," by Pat Benatar.

When she got to the podium, she balled both of her fists, held them to her chest and raised her chin to the sky, totally reveling in the moment.

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Liberal group winnows its Democratic gubernatorial picks to 4 candidates

A liberal group whose members include supporters of Wisconsin’s 2016 presidential primary winner, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has winnowed its picks of Democratic gubernatorial candidates to four, based on an online vote.

Those candidates are former Wisconsin Democracy Campaign executive director Mike McCabe, state firefighter union president Mahlon Mitchell, former Madison state Rep. Kelda Roys and state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, of Alma.

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Wisconsin's Choice voters select their top four Democratic picks for governor

our candidates have emerged from the second round of an effort by two liberal groups to winnow the Wisconsin's 10-candidate Democratic gubernatorial field. 

Voters who participated in the second round of the Wisconsin's Choice online poll selected political activist Mike McCabe, state firefighters union head Mahlon Mitchell, former state Rep. Kelda Roys and state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout as the finalists who will compete for the organization's endorsement. 

Voters were able to rank candidates in order of preference. A Wisconsin's Choice spokeswoman said the group will not release the order of preference within the top four, but said none of the candidates received more than 24 percent of the first place votes. 

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Gubernatorial candidate Vinehout visits Prairie du Sac town hall

State Senator Kathleen Vinehout, one of 10 gubernatorial candidates running on the ballot of a heavily-contested primary, kicked off her visit to Prairie du Sac Town Hall June 5 with a message about the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and its intention to limit a July debate to four candidates.

On its website, the WBA states it will select four candidates to participate in the debate by first qualifying for a place on the ballot, raising at least $250,000 in campaign funds, and rank as one of the top candidates in a recent Marquette Law School poll.

Calling it “undemocratic,” Vinehout said it’s time to take the money out of politics.

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350Madison Climate Action Team Interview

In November 2018, Wisconsinites will vote for a governor. This post is the second in a series on the environmental views of the candidates. This series is for information only. 350 Madison does not officially support any candidate.


What are the most important issues that you would take on if you were elected governor?

“There are many important issues,” began Democratic candidate Kathleen Vinehout, who has been serving as a state senator for the past ten years. “I see as important priorities fixing problems with public education and the universities; focusing on quality, accessible healthcare; and fixing the many, many problems in the state related to the environment and conservation.”

Vinehout went on to explain that these three priorities encompass a slew of interrelated pieces, which are difficult to separate or even to count. The most important issue is t

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Vinehout backs universal background checks for firearm sales, knocks Foxconn subsidies

Dem guv candidate Kathleen Vinehout says she’d support universal background checks for all gun sales.

These checks, she added, would be applicable to federally-licensed dealers as well as gun sales among private individuals, which she argued should be allowed to continue.

“It’s a protection for the owner as much as for society,” the Alma senator said at a WisPolitics.com luncheon Thursday in Madison.

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BustED Pencils: A Dairy Farm Democrat for Governor

Kathleen's interview with BustED Pencils is now available online!

#BustEDPencils Episode 46: A Dairy Farm Democrat for Governor 


Diana Vance: Kathleen Vinehout would work on behalf of the people

Dear Editor: Where are the heroes and the patriots? Are the Bobby Kennedys and Martin Luther Kings not around anymore? The Republican-controlled Congress is not concerned with people’s lives. Look at that horrible tax bill they just passed. Same goes for the state Legislature and governor.

But then I heard a woman’s powerful voice one evening and my despondency left. That woman was Kathleen Vinehout from a farm near Alma. Vinehout is a state senator who has amazing energy and that complements her ideas.

She has done the math and said: “With the same money in the budget we can fix schools, take care of health care, and other priorities.” She went on to say: “We must embrace policies that affect people’s lives.”

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The Cap Times: Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Free tuition for two-year and tech colleges means freedom to learn

"Every Wisconsinite should have access to education or training past high school … to be pursued at whatever point and pace makes sense for individual workers and industries,” wrote researchers at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) eight years ago.

Long before the current shortage of skilled workers, COWS anticipated the need for additional training. In 2009, the center teamed up with the Workforce Development Board, Skills2Compete and others to study “Wisconsin’s forgotten middle-skill jobs.”....

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Wisconsin Gazette and WIZM Coverage of Freedom to Learn Bill

Wisconsin Gazette: 

Vinehout introduces legislation for tuition-free tech and 2-year campuses

“Expanding our skilled workforce is the surest way to grow our economy and raise wages which are 18th lowest in the country,” Vinehout said in a news release. “Other states that have moved in this direction have seen enrollments  increase.”

Vinehout’s proposal would make tuition free for all Wisconsin residents.

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WIZN News Talk 1410 92.3:

Alma Sen. Vinehout proposes free tuition to two-year, UW colleges

A bill for free tuition for all interested in attending two-year schools in about to make it's way through the Wisconsin legislature.

Kathleen Vinehout, the Wisconsin Sen. from Alma, proposed the bill for those who went to attend a state school or tech college.

"The idea is to open wide the doors of higher education so that anyone who wants to go to college doesn't have to see finances as a barrier," Vinehout said.

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