Wedge Issues: Kathleen Vinehout says she'll put 'people first'

State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, has always done things a little bit differently. 

She worked her way through college, despite her father's refusal to sign her financial aid papers. She earned degrees in public health and health services research, became a college professor, then left academia to start a dairy farm. And in 2006, she defeated an incumbent Republican lawmaker in her first campaign for the state Senate. 

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Kathleen Vinehout: I stand on other people's shoulders

It was Kathleen Vinehout’s father and later her veterinarian who drove her to this moment seeking to become the first woman elected governor of Wisconsin.

Growing up in Aurora, Illinois, Vinehout was the editor of her high school newspaper with dreams of becoming a writer and one day owning a dairy farm. But her father refused to sign her college financial aid forms.

“I very much wanted to go to college and my dad thought that college would be wasted on a girl,” Vinehout said.

So Vinehout worked as a nurse’s aide and in other health care jobs as she earned three degrees in education and health care. She joined the faculty at the University of Illinois in Springfield, but before becoming a full professor bought a farm in Buffalo County.

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Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: State throws a curve to hemp growers

“I, as a licensed hemp grower, cannot get a list of hemp processors in Wisconsin,” wrote Butch Mondeau. He stressed the problem is "a state roadblock.”

Mondeau is an Eau Claire County hemp farmer. He was planning to sell his crop to the company that supplied seeds but recently learned the company will buy back only certified organic hemp crops. Mondeau’s farm is not certified organic. Looking for someone to buy the crops growing in his field proved a more complex task than expected.

The new law legalizing hemp keeps confidential all contact information for hemp growers and processors in the state. This makes it difficult for farmers to find buyers for their crops in Wisconsin.

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A vote for Vinehout is vote for victory -- Anita Weier

Only one Democratic candidate for governor can defeat Gov. Scott Walker, who is destroying Wisconsin’s once-pristine environment, its once-sturdy roads and its once-admired education system.

That candidate is Kathleen Vinehout -- a three-term state senator who is a certified organic farmer from western Wisconsin, and a health care expert who taught health policy and health administration at the University of Illinois.

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Five Female Farmer Candidates to Watch in 2018

Nationwide, there’s a record number of women running for office. And while we are unable to verify this against the historical record, it seems likely that more women farmers are running this year than ever before.

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Fresh Take with Josh Dukelow

Kathleen Vinehout on Fresh Take with Josh Dukelow June 20, 2018.

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The Devil’s Advocates WI Gubernatorial Debates round 2

The Devils have candidates Mahlon Mitchell and Kathleen Vinehout in studio to debate head to head for an hour in part one of this WI Gubernatorial debate series.

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One of the 10: Democratic governor candidate visits Janesville

Democrats and others who vote in the Democratic primary have until Aug. 14 to decide which of the Democrats they want running for governor.

One of the candidates, a state senator named Kathleen Vinehout, spoke to about 40 people at the Hilltop International Pub on Tuesday.

Vinehout has this recommendation for those trying to figure out which of 10 Democrats to support: Go to the candidates’ websites and look at the solutions they propose to the state’s problems.

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Vinehout Is Different Kind of Democrat

When Kathleen Vinehout walked on stage to give her speech at the state Democratic Convention this year, she was pumping her right fist in the air.

The state senator, who represents a portion of western Wisconsin in the Legislature, had a huge grin on her face and was singing along to her walk-on song, “All Fired Up,” by Pat Benatar.

When she got to the podium, she balled both of her fists, held them to her chest and raised her chin to the sky, totally reveling in the moment.

“Why are we all fired up?” she asked the crowed. “It’s our time to win!”

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Kathleen Vinehout: Penalizing people for being poor

Do new strict requirements for Medicaid adopted by states violate the law? A federal court is set to decide after recent arguments presented by policy experts who said the requirements do violate the law.

The case arose from Kentucky’s decision to create strict work requirements for getting healthcare through Medicaid. In January, the Trump administration invited states to submit “demonstration proposals” that make it much harder for people to qualify for or remain on Medicaid.

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