Diana Vance: Kathleen Vinehout would work on behalf of the people

Dear Editor: Where are the heroes and the patriots? Are the Bobby Kennedys and Martin Luther Kings not around anymore? The Republican-controlled Congress is not concerned with people’s lives. Look at that horrible tax bill they just passed. Same goes for the state Legislature and governor.

But then I heard a woman’s powerful voice one evening and my despondency left. That woman was Kathleen Vinehout from a farm near Alma. Vinehout is a state senator who has amazing energy and that complements her ideas.

She has done the math and said: “With the same money in the budget we can fix schools, take care of health care, and other priorities.” She went on to say: “We must embrace policies that affect people’s lives.”

I can count on Kathleen’s math because she has three degrees, including a Ph.D. But her intelligence is accompanied by a real belief that someone in politics should serve the people and not the just the rich. 

She is against CAFOs, those 5,000 cow farms that need ground monitoring to preserve our clear water. Walker put two people in charge of checking the CAFOs for the entire state. Dumb but true. Because Walker did not run the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation well, Vinehout has great misgivings about the Foxconn deal. She is a fighter and I believe she can win because her ideas are for policies for the people.

Gov. Walker took state aid for our schools away. Monroe lost $1 million that way. He refused Medicaid and the fast train that would have brought 15,000 jobs to Wisconsin. He received $500,000 from a donor to get a right to work law passed. Was he thinking of you and your children and grandchildren? What positive thing has he done for the people? Nothing. 

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