De-licensing Question & Answer Fact Sheet









Are you a licensed or registered professional in Wisconsin? Do you use the services of licensed professionals?

Consumers and professionals of all kinds could be affected by two bills moving through the state legislature. The bills establish a process for delicensing professionals and allowing unlicensed people to register as “state certified”.

These bills jeopardize consumer protections now in the law, erode confidence in professionals, and could have disastrous consequences for patient safety and worker protection.

What’s happening that might affect all professions in the state?

Under the proposals, all the requirements for every profession and occupation currently licensed, including continuing education requirements, would be up for repeal or change every 10 years.

A partisan appointed Occupational License Review Council is given the authority to write legislation to effect the repeal or change.

The legislation creates a “self-certification registry” and individuals would be able to add their own names if they complete a registration process through a private “supporting organization”. Those individuals could then call themselves “state certified”. 

The bills have been voted out of committee in the Senate and could be up for final Senate passage by the end of October.

All professions currently licensed by the state would be affected.

Who is pushing this plan?

De-licensing professionals is an idea that has been promoted by conservative ideological groups and a “model bill” has been written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The bill have similar language. The ideology comes to us from outside Wisconsin. There are no local practical problems that prompted the introduction of the bills. Members of Wisconsin occupational groups were not consulted in the drafting or aware the bills were going to be introduced.

What can I do to stop this plan?

Share this fact sheet and Senator Vinehout’s columns entitled “Where are the People?’ and “Proposal to De-license Occupations Gains Steam” widely. Let your local legislators know you oppose Senate Bills 288 and 296 (AB 369 and 370). Get the leaders of your professional organizations involved.

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