Consider Testifying at the Public Hearing on Health Care Reform

The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services is coming to our area. The committee will hold a formal hearing in Eau Claire on March 22 at 4 p.m. at the Chippewa Valley Technical College. The hearing is free and open to everyone.

As Vice Chair of this committee, I would like to extend a special invitation to all and encourage you to attend the hearing.

The hearing will consider all three major health care reform proposals and ideas from citizens on how to improve our health care system. The three proposals are diverse but share the common goal of covering everyone at an affordable cost. The Health Security Plan is similar to the Canadian style of health delivery; the Health Care Partnership Plan is similar to the Worker Compensation system and the Wisconsin Health Plan is modeled after the state employees’ system.

The committee will carefully consider how each proposal addresses fixing our health care problems. After input from the public, Committee members will then work to craft a solution. The final draft legislation will take the best ideas from the three proposals and create draft legislation that will then be forwarded to the full Senate.

Citizens are urged to attend the hearing. Any person may testify at the hearing. Families, farmers, business owners and workers, school board members, local government officials, health care workers and all who are affected by our health care problems may be interested in testifying.

If you have ideas on what is wrong, what is working, what could be changed or how to fix the problem, please come! If you would like to discuss your experience, your ideas or pass on information, feel free to also call our offices.

I will be in the Black River Falls office all afternoon on Monday March 5. Also feel free to contact Ken Luchterhand in Black River Falls at (715) 284-1730; or in Madison at (877) 763-6636 (toll free); or write: State Capitol; P.O. Box 7882 Madison, WI 53707-7882 or email Sen.Vinehout@legis.wisconsin.gov.