Celebrating 75 Years of the Great River Road

The Mississippi river stays open south of the lock and dam by Alma.  All winter you can watch eagles diving for fish in the open water and stay warm.

The Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center provides warm viewing of our nation’s favorite predator in action. You can also learn about local history or find a special piece of art created by the local artists.

To visit Alma and the other 32 wonderful river towns you must travel the Mississippi Parkway otherwise known as the Great River Road. The beautiful parkway along the Mississippi was constructed because of the forward thinking leaders of the Mississippi River Parkway Commission.

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New Year Brings New Members and New Challenges to the Capitol

Senators, Representatives and their families will soon gather to open the 101st Session of the Wisconsin Legislature.

Inauguration Day will bring families and neighbors to the Capitol. The members meet in their respective chambers for the swearing in of new members.

An exceptionally large number of new members are joining the Assembly this year. The new members will bring their real life experiences to a very different type of job. Their experiences will help in the people part of the job, but the policy part of the job requires a very steep learning curve in their new role.

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