Building Blocks for Change

As Congress moves toward a final vote on health care reform, people worry whatever happens in Washington will make things worse in Western Wisconsin. Not much of what folks hear makes them feel Washington might actually help solve problems.

So much focus has been on deal-making and compromise. Little attention is given to what really happens after the bill passes. While not perfect, Congress may provide the building blocks on which the solution to high priced health insurance can be built.

One significant block of health care reform centers on the idea of a health insurance ‘exchange’.  To help understand this concept, think about the Progressive Insurance commercial. You enter the ‘insurance store’ and depending on your circumstances, you can choose from several affordable options. Young, single? Choose a catastrophic plan. Not quite sixty and looking to retire? Here are plans to fit your needs. No one will deny you, not cover your diabetes or charge you more because of asthma.

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