“Democracy is a set of rules that allows all of us to participate in making community decisions. At its best, democracy puts people first. People are first when the rules make voting easy, allow for more public participation, more openness, more disclosure, and more public discussion. Restrictions on voting, floods of corporate money, and speed and secrecy in the making of laws are the tools of those who seek to centralize control, restrict democratic practices, and take power from the people.”
–Kathleen Vinehout


In recent years, laws passed by the Republicans have diminished democracy and made our politics worse. Voting has been made more difficult. Restrictions on lobbying and campaign contributions have been eased. Oversight of elections has been turned over to a partisan appointed board.  Speed and secrecy in the passing of controversial laws has become commonplace. Participation by the public has been made more difficult. More and more decisions are removed from the control of local voters and local officials.

I fought these changes in the Senate. I am committed to rolling them back as Governor. If democracy is corrupted, the people have no power.


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