Vinehout Campaign Dispatch - February 7, 2018

In the Wisconsin State Senate...

  • Kathleen was fighting this week for the people of Wisconsin against a series of Republican bills that kick us when we’re down. These ten special session bills make it harder for people without resources to get food stamps and healthcare. These new requirements make life more difficult for people like Morgan from Middleton, a brave 17-year-old who testified about the run-around she got as she tried for four months to get help for her daughter and herself. She put in perspective what all these new rules do.

  • Audits have shown that FoodShare eligibility decisions are 99% error free. And two-thirds of
    those who are on Food Share are blind, elderly, disabled or children. They shouldn’t have to get a photo id to eat.
  • These new requirements could cost taxpayers up to an estimated $240 million in the next budget if all are implemented. $50 million in just one year will go to private job training contractors.

  • The Governor can’t even say his job training program works because five years ago he vetoed the requirement that it be evaluated.


Kicking Us When We're Down


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On the Campaign Trail...

  • Kathleen is running for governor to change state priorities. The laws we pass, the programs we fund, must be focused on improving people’s lives, not on making contractors who run the programs rich.


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