Bumper Sticker Finale: Here's Your Advice....

A large majority preferred:   BumperSticker_Final_R2_Page_2.jpg


In response to several suggestions we simplified the background and thickened the letters a little to make them more readable.


The order has gone to the printer. They should be back in time for you to put in your friends’ Christmas stockings, or on the bumper of the new car you plan to give to your partner. Convertible_100x50.png


Let’s put as many as we can on cars, computers, notebooks, bulletin boards and dorm room doors and show our public support for Kathleen and putting People First.


Let us know how many you can use. Order Here! We will send them to you free.


PS:  Every donation of $10 will cover the cost of about 30 stickers. 

PPS.  If you are buying that new car, we hope there is enough left for a larger donation wink-emoticon.png

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