Kathleen Vinehout has written an alternative budget that puts people first. It invests in great schools by changing the way we pay for schools.  No matter where a child lives, they will have a great school in their community. It invests in the University of Wisconsin’s system, repairing the damage that was done, and making two-year UW campuses and tech colleges free, so finances aren’t a barrier. It invests in broadband across the state of Wisconsin, putting $100 million into broadband expansion.

The budget invests in healthcare, where Wisconsin takes the Medicaid money and covers 80,000 new people with that healthcare. It frees up existing state dollars that allows us to bring mental health services, treatment for addiction, and alternatives to incarceration to people across the state. It invests in protecting our natural resources, which means putting back the fired scientists and sand mind inspectors and investing in our state parks. All of this can be done with the same dollars.