“It's our responsibility as a society to make sure that nobody goes without health care. People who are sick shouldn't have to worry about how to pay the bills. They should focus on becoming healthy. This is so important. It's basic to every single human.”
–Kathleen Vinehout

The healthcare system is broken, but it can be fixed.  It can be fixed right here in Wisconsin by creating a statewide marketplace, an alternative to healthcare.gov.  A public option can be created in that marketplace that keeps costs low and covers everyone. Wisconsin needs its own healthcare solution. Kathleen Vinehout knows how to do that.  

Wisconsin can move toward a system that minimizes the everyday hassles of health insurance and eliminates the fear of a loss of coverage just when you need it the most.  Access to affordable, high quality health care is a duty of our society to everyone. Health care for all is a moral responsibility of our people to each other. Finding the best way to pay for and deliver the care should be the topic of discussion.


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