Helping people who suffer from mental illness and addiction is imperative.  A long time ago I was teaching and my husband and I were working with a drug and alcohol rehab center in East St. Louis. East St. Louis is like a third world country.  And I listened to the counselors and listened to what they were doing, I listened to the counselors tell their own stories because they were all recovering from addiction. And then I realized that they had a secret that couldn’t be quantified, but it was what made the difference.

One of their counselors told me he was a pastor. He said “I think of all my clients as lambs and when one lamb is gone and doesn’t come, my job is to go find that lamb and bring them back”.

It’s as if he had the secret to how you heal addiction. It’s exactly what he was saying. It’s going in and finding them and bringing them back. That one lamb out of 99 that got lost, you bring them back.